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If you’re not sure how this is possible, aren’t having the success you had hoped for, or are running in circles wasting time trying to do it all yourself – I’ve got you. This is my truth..the way I live my life, and the way my client’s live their lives – and I want to share it with YOU.

On this call, we will discuss the gap that lies between where you are now, and where your dreams live. We’ll strategize about how to tackle this and achieve the exact results you are looking for in a partnership together over the next few months! If we are a good fit, we will talk about exactly what it will take to turn your skills into a highly profitable Signature Offering so that you can work more intimately with your students, on your own schedule, and from anywhere in the world! Let’s start generating you thousands of dollars so that you don’t waste any more time before starting the career you were made for.

*IMPORTANT*: These complimentary calls are reserved for women who are genuinely interested in exploring the possibility of funding an investment into herself and her business by entering into a business mentorship program at this time. this will be to either help her start up her online business – or turn it around if it’s not working. If that’s not you right now, I totally understand. —

PLEASE NOTE: I am not accepting clients again until April 24th.


“A couple days after hiring Katie, I got my first client! I was going to charge next to nothing for my program, but Katie helped show me my worth and helped me confidently learn how to charge my program differently. I ended up closing at 3x what I was originally asking for – and I wouldn’t have done that without her help! She is so easy to work with, cares about what you’re doing and about your life, and challenges you to think outside the box while giving you the space to fully express yourself.”

-Gabe, Holistic Health & Life Coach



“I am close to finishing up my first month of Katie’s business coaching program, and am AMAZED at how she has helped me hone in on what exactly it is i want to create. I have always had the END goal in mind, but never the small steps of how to get there- or where the heck to start. I’ve always had so many ideas, and never able to produce any of them. I haven’t known who my target market is, or how to create & present myself as a brand. In under one month Katie has helped me figure out WHO I am targeting, and exactly WHAT type of program I will create. I can’t believe my ideas have gotten this focused in less than a month, and I am already seeing amazing feedback from complete strangers online! Katie’s program is absolutely amazing, even if you aren’t positive on what exactly you want to make.”

-Haley, Spiritual Teacher



“If you’re looking for someone who can be both a mentor and collaborator, Katie is it. Her program is structured and efficient, which is wonderful for a goal oriented person like me. At the same time, she gives you enough freedom to creatively find your niche on your own. She’s receptive, flexible, and easy to bounce ideas off of. I am very thankful to have found Katie as she’s exactly what I needed to push my business along.”

-Alisa, Yoga Teacher



“The program I’m building is something that’s very near and dear to my heart. Every day I spend working on it, I fall in love with it even more and Katie has been a huge part of that process for me! She has always believed in my program just as much as I do and because of that she continues to give her all in helping me set my goals, do my research, create platforms and put together great content. Katie provides worksheets and resources that help me outline everything I’m doing. I had a BIG dream and with her guidance I’ve been able to take the necessary baby steps to build up to that BIG dream. I appreciate how honest she’s been with me and how consistent she is. Her coaching is the best investment I could have ever made when it comes to not only building my program but building my brand. Katie has provided a space for her clients to network, discuss ideas and motivate each other — we’re basically receiving two services! And it’s been great to have conversations with other women who are in similar paths. I can’t even put into words how much encouragement and love she shows me and my program every time we speak. “

– Stacey, Teen Wellness Coach


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