what I do


I help those who struggle with fulfillment to remember their own capabilities and power by combining techniques within mind, body and spirit.

My Philosophy

In a society that is built on evolving through learning and problem solving, the notion that all we already know all we need to know – has been lost. 9/10ths of our brain lays dormant, asleep. Look at all we are able to do with that 1/10th! But think of the possibilities when we stop focussing externally on growing our minds – and start looking internally. The answers lay inside, just waiting to be woken up.

My Methods

The simplest foundations of the SCIENCE of spirituality has woken me up drastically. I firmly believe wellness, and any other area in your life that you are unhappy with for that matter, is an inside job – not an outside one. We’re constantly searching externally to the answers for our problems. I’m here to act as the vessel through which these ancient teachings have the opportunity to reach you, and to help you remember everything you need to know lies inside.

My Goals

Your goals, are my goals. And I will do all that it takes to help you acquire them. 

I know the feeling of being stuck, unfulfilled and frankly underwhelmed with life all very well. Together, we can make your dreams become reality. 

REBIRTH: A 3-Week Online Journey to the Soul

Are you ready for change in a big way and nothing else seems to be getting to things at the root? Join me for a guided 3-week online program in which you will discover what it means to understand, embrace & be empowered by your spiritual self.

summer retreat for teenage girls

Are you a teen wanting to develop your life in a stronger way through learning how to understand yourself and the world around you in deeper ways? Join me for a week long retreat this summer!

community involvement

Are you looking for a speaker at your school, someone to host a retreat or a teacher to lead a yoga class or guided meditation for a group in your area? Let's talk!

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