Sowing Sadhana Online Course

The online course

Discover & Harness Your Spiritual Power

A guide to some of the core concepts from one of the most ancient sciences and voids of wisdom – the yogic path. Together we go deep into the exploration of things like pranayama, asana, meditation and manifestation. Learning these has the power to refuel your purpose and take the direction of your life and reality back into your own hands.

Create A Foolproof Ritual

This four week course is designed to help you establish, in an easy way, the daily ritual necessary to harness new energies that will fuel new abilities. We start slow and work our way up so that by the end of four weeks, you have all the tools you need to continue your spiritual journey in a way that works for you.

Feature #1

Done in the comfort of your own home and through your computer so that it can be done completely on your own schedule


Feature #2

No experience necessary. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to brush up on your practice, this is designed for all levels

Feature #3

Unlock and explore the tools already inside you to fuel your journey to greater fulfillment

Feature #4

Gain the power to summon true courage and the change you seek

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