Summer Retreat

For Teenage Girls

Embrace New Habits

Together we embrace the amazing effects of nourishing our body with healthy foods, explore the asana practice of moves on a mat, begin a study and practice of meditation, dive deep into self reflection and discovery, share a safe space for conversation on different aspects of our hardships and become educated on how as individuals we can absolutely bring positive change to our planet that very much is in need of our help.

Soak Up the Summer

What better way to fall in love with Mother Nature than to enjoy her beauty? Hiking, water activities, exploring forests and swimming will be key parts of each day on the retreat!

Feature #1

Learn powerful tools to help improve your school and home life

Feature #2

Take a break from your daily stresses! This is the perfect opportunity to unplug and re-charge

Feature #3

Expand your knowledge of what’s possible in this life

Feature #4

Build connection with yourself and the world around you like you’ve never experienced before

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